Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sight Word Foldables: PK All 40 words from the Dolch Sight Words Pre-K List

By Learning is the Game™

Learning sight words can be tricky for students, especially my EL students.  This year I wanted to come up with a way for my students to practice their sight words that would be more engaging than just memorizing a group of words on a ring, or in a baggie, so I created this activity.  40 different foldables, one for each word from the Dolch Sight Words Pre-K list.

Each foldable has six tabs that provide plenty of repetition writing and using a sight word.  Don’t be fooled by the word repetition.  This activity is much more engaging than simply writing each word multiple times on a piece of paper.   It involves tracing, writing, coloring, and cutting and pasting.  That’s right, these are hands-on activities that get students excited about practicing their sight words!

The front of each foldable has the target sight word at the top, and tabs that explain what is on the inside sections.  The back has the name of the foldable, so you know what list the word belongs to, a place for the student’s name, and the date.   The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) addressed are also printed on the back of each foldable.

Students start by folding the paper in half vertically and coloring the front of the foldable.  Actually, I always have my students start anything they do by putting their name on it first.  (Yep, I’m that guy, walking around the room asking, “Is your name on your paper? Is your name on your paper?”)  Then the real fun begins. 

Open up the foldable and start working on each section.  For the first section at the top, trace the word twice.

For the 2nd section, write the word on the lines twice.

For the 3rd section, Rainbow Write the word on the lines twice.  For rainbow writing, start by writing the word with a colored pencil or crayon in any color.  Then, trace over the word a few times using a different color each time.

For the 4th section, write the word in the word shape boxes.

For the 5th section, cut off the bottom of the foldable on the dotted line.  Then, cut out the letters from the bottom part and glue them in the boxes in the correct order.

The 6th section is a little different.  This section helps track progress and gives the adults and students a quick visual to see if more practice is needed.  For this section the student reads the sight word to the teacher, or another adult.  You could just have them fill a star in for each time they read the word to an adult, but I like to use a color coding system.  If the student couldn’t read the word at all, color the star red.  If they were close, color it yellow, and if they were correct color it green. 

When students finish their foldable, they should hold on to it so they can practice on their own, with a partner, or at home.  If you use interactive notebooks, these work great because part of the bottom is cut off, making it just the right size.

My students really enjoy these foldables, and I hope your students do too.  Click HERE to check out a free preview of this activity.

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