Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2 for 50% off on Tuesday

I have been looking at the Two For Tuesday linkups on The Teaching Tribune for the past few weeks but, I have been too busy with my now three week old son to join in.  Today I have decided to pass him off to his mother for a while and try it out.   The first item I have listed at 50% off is my Long Vowel Sort and Write Teams/Pairs.   The second item is my I have… Who has… Multiply Multi digit Numbers Bundle.  

Long Vowel Sort and Write Teams
by Learning is the Game™

$1.99 $.99 (Tues & Wed)

This activity is more than just a long vowel sound sorting activity.  For starters, it gives your students a valuable hands on activity that is engaging and fun.  Since your students are actually creating something, they will have a visually pleasing graphic organizer that both of you can refer back to as the year goes on.  This activity also includes a writing element.  Once students have correctly sorted the words according to their long vowel sounds, they will write sentences using those words.

Here is how I use this activity, but of course you should use it whatever way works best for you.
             Print pages 3-5 for each student.  Be sure to print them double sided!
Step 1-Intro   
             Introduce/review the long vowel sounds in a way that fits your teaching style.  It is a good idea to also review the words the students will be sorting since they will need to use some of them in their writing.
Step 2– Color
Each vowel sound is assigned a color.  Color the tabs and boxes with the vowels and long vowel symbols.  Then, color the words in the boxes (page 5) with the corresponding color.  Example: If the boxes with the Aa and ā were colored blue, the box with the word made and other long a words should also be colored blue. 
*I like to have my students color the words because I can quickly check to make sure they are identifying the words correctly before they start cutting and gluing.  I also suggest doing all of the coloring before any cutting because it is easier/cleaner when done first.

Step 3-Fold and cut
Look at the side with the dotted line.  Fold on the dotted line, and cut on the solid lines. 
Step 4-Cut and glue
Cut out the words, and glue them in the boxes next to the matching long vowel sound
Step 5– Write
On each line provided write a complete sentence using the long vowel words in that box.  Circle the words you used with the corresponding color.

This is a fun activity that can be used with any students just learning about long vowel sounds, especially K-2nd graders.  I have even used this with my upper elementary English language learners with great success. 

I know my students and I have enjoyed it, and I hope you and your students do too!

Common Core State Standards practiced. 

*CCSS are printed on the back of the foldable.

Click here for a FREE preview.  It has some directions and suggestions on how to use this activity in your class.

I have… Who has… Multiply Multi digit Numbers Bundle
by Learning is the Game™

$3.99 $1.99 (Tues & Wed)

I have… Who has… is a card based game where students can practice and review ideas and concepts learned in class. Each deck is specifically designed with content based on a specific common core standard. By playing the game students will also practice other important skills including speaking, listening, comprehension, and self-control.


This I have… Who has… bundle comes with THREE full and different decks! Each deck is based on the common core standard 4.NBT.B.5 (printed on the back of each card).  Each deck also gets progressively more difficult.

Deck #1 students will multiply single digit numbers by double digit numbers (6 x 43).

Deck #2 students will multiply single digit numbers by three and four digit numbers (6 x 4,365).

Deck #3 students will multiply double digit numbers by double digit numbers (63 x 43).

If you are looking for a fun, engaging, hands-on way for your students to practice multiplying multi-digit numbers (4.NBT.B.5), you have come to the right place! Students will also practice reading, listening to, and saying numbers ranging in place value from 1 -100,000 depending on what deck they use.

Each deck can be used in a whole group, small group (using the bonus 8.1 card) or individual setting. See Rules page in the free preview for more information.

*Because of the content in these decks, I like to give my students whiteboards or scrap paper to use during the game.

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